Business Buyers’ Myth: Only Bad Businesses are for Sale

When we present our businesses for sale to some of our buyers, we are frequently asked: if this is such a good business, why is it for sale? Why would somebody sell a business that makes money?

While we recognize that some business owners are selling their businesses because they are not making decent income, we also insist that many excellent businesses are for sale for reasons unrelated to profitability. Recent statistics about businesses for sale in North America show that the most frequent reason people sell their businesses is boredom. Business owners are entrepreneurs. When their business becomes successful and only requires repetitive maintenance work, they lose their excitement and become unhappy, looking for new challenges. The only motivation for selling the business is freedom, the freedom to create a new business from scratch. The freedom from the repetitive tasks of managing a mature business.

We always tell our business buyers that our market economy thrives on different needs. The needs of a former corporate executive looking for a profitable business to accomplish his entrepreneurial dreams are very different from the needs of a serial entrepreneur looking to implement his/her new business ideas.

As business brokers in Toronto, We focus on profitable businesses for sale as most of our business buyers are first time buyers and are looking to increase their income through a business acquisition. Most of our sellers are selling for personal reasons, such as health, retirement or other opportunities.

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